Basic Overview

Contains information regarding New Brodgar and how we are organized.
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Basic Overview

Post by Robben DuMarsch » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:39 am

Are you looking for how to join our guild immediately? Click this link.

No Binding Political Affiliations - Safe Zone Trade Territory
  • New Brodgar is a "free" company that declares no allegiance to other groups.
  • Our territory is considered a safe zone and trading center.
  • Outside of our territory, we will attack/raid/fight just like any other clan.
  • Inside our territory, we will not attack anyone that is not a bandit/war target/troll.
  • We maintain a KOS list for individuals that have broken the no-aggression rules in our territory.
  • We have a militia, which along with our citizens, operate as pirates freely outside our territory, although not against members.)
Open Recruitment / Land Settlement / Private Property
  • Anyone may join, open recruitment.
  • Easy and quick process, you may travel to New Brodgar and begin progressing immediately.
  • Land is available for any player to settle, without demand for contribution or donation.
All Guild Donations/Military Service Voluntary - Be Recognized for Contribution
  • There is absolutely no requirement to work for the guild's benefit.
  • You only need to perform the jobs that you want to perform.
  • Officers will keep track of major donations, players with regular large donations will be given unique benefits.
  • Voluntarily enroll in the military, and be be rewarded for fighting.[/url]
Participate in our Army
  • Follow strict orders in a navy-like environment.*
  • Gain contribution that will be rewarded with plunder.
  • Enjoy a unique fighting experience that is built on teamwork rather than individual skill.
* The Militia is designed for a "hardcore" experience, best avoided if you would rather play in a relaxed environment or where you are free to play as you please. Standard piracy operations will be available and you do not need to be a military member to participate in most military ac tions.

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